Stuck On the Sofa Again

Okay, I know, this title gives the distinct impression that this, my second blog post, is going to be depressing as hell. I assure you, it is not. Even though I spent another night last evening with my ass  glued to our lovely purple Ikea sofa, requisite ice pack stuck to my head, it is a new day and I can look at it with a fresh sense of humor.

As I laid awake this morning at 5:00am, a usual occurrence for someone with chronic migraines (sleep disturbance is a HUGE migraine trigger!), I came up with a nice little ditty! So, to the tune of “Stuck in the Middle With You” the 1972 hit rock song by Stealers Wheel (good music trivia tidbit…), here is my song for the day:

Well I don’t know why I am laying here tonight, I’ve got the feeling that something ain’t right

I’m so sick I can’t even sit in the chair, and I’m really not going anywhere

Axe is on my left side, dizzy on the right, Stuck on the Sofa Again….Yes I’m Stuck On the Sofa Again…

I know, it’s kind of a rip off to take someone else’s song and just write some lame words to it, but it is all I could come up with at 5am, with that familiar pain lurking from behind my head. Give me a small break, please? Seriously, I love music, I am a musician. Playing music, especially with my band of brothers in the Octagon Space Tribe Band is what keeps my life blood flowing. I miss it. The migraines keep me from doing it. That does suck. But, if there is anything that keeps me going, that is the hope that I will be playing music with my Octagon Space brothers soon. All I need is one good day and I’ll be off that sofa and jamming!


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