About Me

My name is Jane Litwin Taylor. I live with my amazing and loving husband of 12 years, Patrick, and two glorious cats, Scraps and Pinnie (Buddha). I am an animal and nature loving 46 year old woman, musician, artist and loving soul, whose life was drastically changed two years ago when I became a chronic migraine sufferer. Although I have had migraines since I was a teenager, in the past two years, the migraines have altered my life and have rendered me partially disabled. There are so many activities that I can no longer do or that the chronic migraines have severely limited my ability to do. I do struggle but my spirit is not broken. I started this blog to offer hope, to express the sadness, joy, frustration and gratitude that having a chronic, invisible illness can bring. This blog is a call to action and a means by which to raise awareness about chronic migraine and migraine disease in general. Migraine is still one of the most underfunded yet most debilitating disorders known.  At present, NIH funding for migraine research is $15 million – less than 0.03% of the annual NIH research budget. This is my forum to speak out about living with chronic migraine, dispelling the myths about this neurological condition and providing a means of support for me and others who suffer. Welcome!


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